Invitation of Hammam Company for Investment and Real Estate Marketing for Egyptian businessmen to promote Egypt is well worth

the first gesture of Hammam Company for Investment and Real Estate Marketing decided to contribute through residential projects, solve the problem of electricity and not be a role in the resolution of this crisis as soon as a donation or a suggestion, but Islanders, practical and effective solution has already been implemented in one of the residential towers, Alexandria is the presence of alternative energy residential own production company in anticipation of the towers for any problem caused by a power outage. Description Hammam Company for Construction and Contracting, Government Engineer Ibrahim Mehlb, as government achievements, and support the business of the Egyptian economy at this critical period in the direction of strengthening the investment climate and reform of the economic distortions. It is expected his part, the flow of investments to witness a remarkable development during the next few months, he said in his interview that there are good developments indicate improved business and investment climate in Egypt, especially high stock index and the beginning of the return of foreign investment to it .. it is imperative that the government issued a law to regulate the entry of private sector investment in energy production that the government bought and redistributed And sold to consumers in the first phase, to be allowed at a later stage to the private sector production and distribution, and I think that this will open the door to a private in the solar energy production huge investment flows, thus contributing to the solution of energy faced by investors and factories problem, as it will be a problem for the movement Tourism, there is no tourists come to the country where the electricity cut off in the hotels or the city he is visiting. This is a contribution to think it is the least we can offer to the country in these circumstances, but we are ready to offer all Gal and Nevis for the elevation of the nation, the period on Egypt passed we thought where the nation was kidnapped, came the revolution June 30 to return again to us, and we ready to offer Egypt all you need of funds and investments.