Post Hammam Company for Investment and Real Estate Marketing in the City Center Carrefour Gallery from June 18 to 21, 2014

Real estate exhibitions a good opportunity to get customers and citizens housing units suitable and good prices, with competing real estate companies among themselves to attract new customers to it, and by providing payment facilities or devaluation submitted payment in annual installments of up 7-10 years to, is not present the past years and this diversity and special offers and discounts offered to customers instant gifts and help to increase the popularity of the show to take advantage of those benefits. Companies participating in the exhibition will be presented and urban housing a variety of projects, and apartments fit with young people and providers to marry. The exhibition will be held in the center of the case from the boom in the real estate market note that the Egyptian market is promising and attractive for investments and that the coming stage will witness more investment after the official opening of the channel the new Suez and the return of confidence in the Egyptian economy, which will be direct and indirect target of Arab and foreign investors. The statistics show: - More than 35 exhibitors in the exhibition. - Put up more than 150 project (residential - Administrative - Tourist). - The size of the exhibition investment portfolio estimated at 2.2 billion Egyptian pounds. - Expectations of an increase of 27% of the volume of sales during the exhibition.